100 reasons to pre-register for BSAVA Congress 2021 – 100 Hours of CPD

100 reasons to pre-register for BSAVA Congress 2021 – 100 Hours of CPD
Dr. Krista Arnold who chairs BSAVA’s Event Working Group

With 4 live feeds delivering over 100 hours of CPD across three days, the BSAVA and its team of volunteer vets and nurses have big plans for Europe’s largest small animal event.

The BSAVA Congress is renowned for delivering the highest quality CPD and initial glimpses of 2021’s programme suggest it is on-track to exceed expectations.  Organisers are bringing the networking and socialising aspects of the well-loved physical event through to the virtual Congress too.

“BSAVA Congress 2021 is going to be one of the most innovative in the history of our events,” says Professor Ian Ramsey, President of the BSAVA. “While the pandemic circumstances we continue to find ourselves in are far from ideal, we must continue to evolve and progress as a profession. BSAVA Congress is a unique highlight in our calendar for next year and it is shaping up to be a truly memorable event.”


Most sessions in BSAVA’s Congress 2021 programme will feature two speakers, each delivering short presentations followed by a live, audience-led conversation.  “This guarantees delegates a rare opportunity to explore the multi-faceted disciplines of the small animal veterinary world, to see the clinical challenges from different points of view and, most importantly, to join in.”

With so much live content on offer, delegates are encouraged to consider their CPD needs, look at the 24 streams and plan their ‘virtual journeys’ ahead of the event.

“On the clinical side, we’re covering everything from surgical nephrology and dermatology to anaesthesia and diagnostic imaging,” says Ian.  “We’ll be drawing on international expertise as well as the knowledge and experience of professionals working closer to home.  The stream on liver disease, for example, will explore the latest thinking on hot topics such as mucocoeles, triaditis and liver biopsies.  With world-class specialists in the area discussing differing approaches to cases, it’s sure to be rich in practical insight.”

Going green?

“We’ll also be covering bigger issues such as ‘can the profession go green?’ as well as looking at some business-orientated issues like recruitment and retention.”

Dr. Krista Arnold chairs BSAVA’s Event Working Group, composed of members of the BSAVA Congress team, plus 21 volunteer vets and vet nurses combining their knowledge, experience and skills from across the industry to inform and shape the organisation’s event.

Vibrant experience

“We are excited to present Congress 2021, an event designed to deliver a vibrant, engaging and supportive experience for delegates and our industry partners,” says Krista.

“The Virtual Congress will not only offer highest quality CPD in a new format, delegates will also have the chance to connect with peers, network with sponsors and visit the virtual trade fair. Through a variety of virtual socially interactive events, there will be plenty of opportunities for industry partners and delegates to engage with each other.”

“Now more than ever, our profession needs a safe, effective space within which we can meet, learn and engage with each other and I’m proud to be a part of the team which will deliver just that,” said Krista.

Get the latest news and information about the Congress, pre-register at: https://www.bsavaevents.com/bsavacongress2021


Professor Ian Ramsey, President of the BSAVA