What else can we do better? Over 50% of pet owners want nutrition advice

What else can we do better? Over 50% of pet owners want nutrition advice

Research shows that more than 50% of pet owners want advice on nutrition for their pet(1) and they perceive vets to be the most trustworthy and knowledgeable source regarding nutrition but pet owners often don’t feel advice is offered and are reluctant to ask(2).

When it comes to nutritional recommendation, adapting your approach and sharing responsibility with the whole clinic team can support your clients’ need for nutritional advice.


Royal Canin Nutrition 360° is a practical programme, tailored to your clinic, which incorporates a whole team approach to simplify nutritional recommendations and grow your business. Your team’s collaboration is key and allows for everyone in the clinic to contribute to the recommendation.

Here’s what independently surveyed vets said about the Nutrition 360° approach:

The whole team supporting the same message and recommendations is super important”

“I like the combined benefit to both staff, pets, clients and profits. This may also streamline the process and make it easier to generate recommendations and follow these through”

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Don’t struggle alone, let’s make nutritional recommendations easier together. Contact your local Royal Canin Veterinary Business Manager to book a virtual appointment today and see how we can support you and your clinic.





(1) Royal Canin data December 2018

(2) Cat owners relationship with the vet, Sky Consulting -Cat Owners in France, Japan, UK, US, Brazil, Germany and Russia – January 2018