Better mental health on agenda at RCVS Symposium

Better mental health on agenda at RCVS Symposium

The RCVS is to hold its fourth Mental Health Research Symposium on October 10.

The event will be launched by Dr Leah Quinlivan, a research fellow and chartered psychologist at the University of Manchester, at the city’s Bridgewater Hall.

Her talk ‘Evidence-based care for people who have self-harmed: risk prediction, psychosocial assessments, and aftercare’, will outline the importance of improving mental health services for patients who have harmed themselves, via discussion of evidence, policy, and practice for risk prediction, psychosocial assessment, and aftercare.

Leah’s talk will be followed by presentations delivered by veterinary mental health researchers from across the UK and Europe.

Dr Leah Quinlivan

Topics will include post-Covid wellbeing amongst veterinary professionals, the impact of companion animal euthanasia, workplace stressors and how they change with career stage, and the quality of mental health support received by veterinary nurses.

Lisa Quigley, Mind Matters Initiative project manager, said: “This year, the event promises once more to be a supportive and thought-provoking event, where we can gather to share findings, information and best practice for the good of the professions.

“The recent publication of MMI’s five-year strategy has outlined our recognition that we need to expand the conversation beyond mental health awareness and into looking at more systemic and cultural issues, as well as exploring how the insights gained from research might be implemented in practice.

“These ambitious aims are reflected in the breadth of the talks and presentations at the symposium and so I look forward to hearing more from those who share our values and aims, and to continuing the conversation about how and where we can do more.”