BEVA Unbridled series to wrap at Congress next month

BEVA Unbridled series to wrap at Congress next month

The well-received BEVA Unbridled series is set to wrap at the BEVA Congress at the ICC in Birmingham next month.

The three-part series of  talks about some of the non-clinical elements of life and work kicked off in July with the first forum attracting a big online audience.

Hosted by BEVA’s veterinary projects officer Lucy Grieve, the sessions have been put together to provide airtime for some of the non-clinical topics that can impact the profession.

Organisers hope the outcomes will help identify some of the hurdles around recruitment and retention within the veterinary sector.

The first session focused on how personal lives can affect capacity to work and featured four panellists speaking about their experiences of work-life balance as equine vets.

The informal, evening event brought up discussions about the needs and wants of students and new grads, and how they change over time as life evolves throughout adulthood.

Lucy Grieve said: “A strong take-home message – which applies to everyone, not just vets – is to determine what you want. Each individual has a responsibility to themselves to work out what they want during the course of their life. It will likely change and adapt with age, but that focus on a goal belongs solely with the individual.

“What was clear from the panellists is a realisation that they wanted something, and their ability to determine ways to achieve those goals. Then they were able to create a career that worked for them and those around them.

The next discussion forum in the series, “EDI isn’t a thing – how equality, diversity and inclusion can improve our workplaces and ourselves”, will be held on 16 August at 8pm.

Flexible working will be the focus for the series finale, which will be held live at BEVA Congress on September 14.