BVA to connect members with Ukrainian veterinary refugees

BVA to connect members with Ukrainian veterinary refugees

The BVA is offering to help connect members of the UK’s veterinary community with some of their Ukrainian counterparts  seeking to come to the country as refugees.

As part of the initiative, the association said it would help “match” UK vets who had accommodation to offer with Ukrainian vets and their families seeking to secure entry to the UK.

The BVA has prepared a survey to gather information from UK vets who want to help, and will use these details to connect participants with Ukrainian vets who contact the association looking for somewhere to stay.

The initiative is specifically designed to support the Government’s Homes For Ukraine programme, which requires UK residents to give the names of individuals coming from Ukraine during Phase One to secure them entry to the UK.

Vets will need to have registered on the Homes for Ukraine website prior to sharing their details with the BVA. If they are not matched with a named Ukrainian vet during Phase One, the UK Government may use their details to match them with another Ukrainian refugee in Phase Two.

The BVA is also making a £10,000 donation to the Disasters Emergency Committee appeal in support of humanitarian efforts in Ukraine and is encouraging others to donate, while sharing information and resources on other ways to support those affected by the ongoing crisis.

Justine Shotton, BVA president, said: “We continue to be deeply shocked and saddened by events in Ukraine, and appreciate the huge outpouring of support from UK vets who want to do whatever they can to help those affected.

“It can be difficult to find named Ukrainian refugees, and as a professional association we recognise we can play a useful role in connecting UK vets with Ukrainian veterinary professionals seeking refuge here.

“We appreciate that not everyone will be in a position to offer accommodation, but there are many other ways that vets can offer their support, by giving money to humanitarian appeals or donating medical supplies and equipment via the British Veterinary Professionals for Ukraine group.”