Clarity needed now on veterinary certification, says BVA

Clarity needed now on veterinary certification, says BVA

The British Veterinary Association (BVA) has added its weight to calls for clarity on the arrangements for the movement of animals and animal products after the transition period, as the UK and EU enter the seventh round of Brexit negotiations.

The Association is warning that preparations for veterinary checks on exports and imports, as well as new rules for pet travel movements, cannot start until the UK and EU have reached an agreement.

The BVA has previously raised concerns about the UK’s preparedness for a no-deal Brexit ahead of the signing of the Withdrawal Agreement.

Commenting, BVA President Daniella Dos Santos said that it was impossible to know whether the veterinary profession was to exit the EU because it wasn’t clear what level of veterinary checks would be required on impost and exports:

‘Veterinary certification is an essential part of trade. It ensures consumer confidence in products by protecting animal health and welfare and public health,’ she added. ‘If we don’t have enough vets with the right qualifications in the right places, it could have a significant impact on UK industry.

‘We remain concerned that if the UK cannot reach agreement with the EU, we won’t have the capacity to meet the increased demand for veterinary certification. A huge amount is at stake and we need urgent clarity to give our sector time to prepare.’