Conference explores role of OVs in a Post-Brexit World

Conference explores role of OVs in a Post-Brexit World

Delegates to discuss working in 'eye of storm'

The role of Official Veterinarians and the issues and challenges they face in a post-Brexit world will be discussed during this year’s OV Conference from 28-30 September.

Speakers include BVA President James Russell; Ian Wright, Head of the European Scientific Counsel of Companion Animal Parasites UK & Ireland and Dr Sam Holland, Veterinary Head of Exotics and Welfare.

Simon Hall, former APHA Veterinary Director, now working as an export OV, will also share practical experience from his current role.

Sue Hay, head of OV Training at Improve International, said: “During this year, the realities of our post-Brexit world have started to reveal themselves while we have endured another lockdown before finally starting to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic.

BVA President James Russell is among the speakers

“Throughout the year, OVs have shown huge commitment in working through the eye of the storm. But, while there have been many challenges, there have also been areas of opportunity and the potential for positive change.

“We look forward to discussing all aspects of the OV’s role and where it’s headed following this extraordinary year during the 2021 OV Conference.”

Andrew Soldan, APHA Veterinary Director added: “My experiences over the last year have made me even more proud to be part of the veterinary profession.

“The role of vets, especially Official Vets, has never been very prominent in our national life. The trust that is put in a veterinary signature is awesome. And yet, undertaking a TB test or signing an EHC are practical, visceral activities.

“Real decisions must be taken, and pragmatic choices made. The final decision has to be ‘Can I sign this certificate?’  Can the owner, government or International trading partner have confidence that, to the best of my abilities, I have verified all the elements I am certifying?

“This is the essence of OV work.  I hope that the OV conference will help you carry out this vital work to the best of your abilities.”

Early Bird tickets for the online event organised by Improve International, in association with the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) start from £120 + VAT with more information available at:

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