Fall in university take-up for veterinary degrees

Fall in university take-up for veterinary degrees

The number of students gaining places on  veterinary degree courses in the UK has fallen following the release of this year’s A-level and Higher exam results.

Early UCAS data shows at least 10% fewer places have been taken up so far than last year and the 2022 figures are nearer, although slightly above, pre-pandemic levels.

The head of the Veterinary Schools Council (VSC) warned issues around education funding must be addressed while the Veterinary Management Group (VMG) called for “urgent work” to encourage young people into the sector.

From 24 August, four days after the release of results, 2,050 students had been accepted on to courses, around 11% lower than the 2,310 accepted places recorded at the same point in 2021. But it is around 1.5% up on the equivalent figure of 2,020 recorded at the same stage in 2019, when exams were last sat.

In total, around 17,000 applications were made for places on veterinary degree programmes this year, down around 0.6% on 2021, but up by more than 16% on 2020.

BVA president Justine Shotton said: “Attracting new people to the profession is important, but in the short-term, it is essential that we retain the talent and skills we already have.”