Glenshane vets urge dogs owners to prepare for Halloween

Glenshane vets urge dogs owners to prepare for Halloween

Glenshane Veterinary Clinics, which boasts practices in Maghera, Fairhill and Dungiven, has warned dog owners to prepare well in advance for Halloween and the trauma it can cause their furry friends.

Writing ion Facebook the team ate the mixed animal practice said: “We hate to say the F word but we’re going to do it…FIREWORKS!

“Halloween is only 6 weeks away and a lot of pet owners will dread this season but now is the time to prepare for the upcoming season with sound therapy.

“How does sound therapy work? The idea is simple: if dogs can become familiar with firework noises, they won’t be as frightened of them. Aim to start sound therapy well in advance of Fireworks season – preferably in late August or early September.

“Begin playing them for roughly an hour a night and at a very low volume. With each day, simply play the firework noises for a little while longer and on a slightly higher volume. If your dog displays unconscious awareness of the noises (ears twitching, eyes widening or head propping up) and then return to what they were doing before the noise started, treat this as a positive sign.

“Increase the volume and the length of session gradually. Your pet will eventually get used to the noises and begin to associate them with their normal environment. If your pet reacts fearfully, stop the firework sounds for that night and begin again the next day on a lower volume. If the volume is already really low, try playing the sounds from another room.

“Please note, if your dog already has an established fear of fireworks or loud noises, the process of sound therapy will take a lot longer and will more than likely require the help of a behaviourist. Check out this sound therapy playlist on Spotify:… Need more advice? Visit:”