Help for vets to maximise joy of puppies

Help for vets to maximise joy of puppies

Boehringer Ingelheim initiative to help lockdown owners

A new initiative from Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health, aims to celebrate the life-affirming joy that puppies bring while they explore their world, boundaries and new companions.

The initiative emphasises the vital importance of socialising, encouraging natural puppy behaviour and good health practices in raising a dog that is family and community friendly.

By helping vet practices provide new puppy owners with readily available hints and tips on becoming a good puppy caregivers,  Boehringer Ingelheim hopes to influence good habits in preventative care as well as bonding owners to their practice for life – encouraging responsible puppy ownership and promoting preventative health care, including health plans.

With dog ownership booming ‘Relax, it’s a Puppy Thing’ is a perfectly timed initiative that will help vet practices champion their ability to ‘talk puppy’ with new lockdown owners and provide timely guidance on subjects like regular treatment with parasiticides to protect them while they are out and about doing their ‘puppy thing’ and establish preventative health care habits for life’s journey.

Puppies are a long-term commitment but with many early-life needs that, if well-managed, will set them on the right path to being well-adjusted happy dogs for life. The campaign helps puppy owners get their journey off to a great start with the help of their vet.

Boehringer Ingelheim has ensured that the ‘Relax, it’s a Puppy Thing’ campaign materials have been developed for today’s challenging restricted contact environment.

This includes digital media support to provide vet practices with engaging content to reinforce clinical advice, which can be customised for use in email communications, on the practice website and on social media channels.

The fresh and friendly puppy-focused content will include health advice, training and behaviour tips, and features a new owner video covering the essentials of puppy ownership.

‘Supporting practices’

It will be backed by training and support on how to optimise social media channels through PetNatter – Boehringer Ingelheim’s free veterinary resource designed to help practices make the most of the owner conversation opportunities social media provides.

Evelyn Murphy, senior brand manager for NexGard Spectra, said: “The ‘Relax, it’s a Puppy Thing’ initiative is a breath of fresh air and will provide puppy owners with just what they need to help them nurture a puppy through its formative life-stage, while easily and effectively supporting practices in communicating with owners on puppy health and welfare.”

Veterinary practices can contact their Boehringer Ingelheim territory manager for further information on Boehringer Ingelheim’s ‘Relax, it’s a Puppy Thing’ campaign or NexGard Spectra.