Irish vet took her own life with animal euthanasia drugs

Irish vet took her own life with animal euthanasia drugs

A Dublin-born vet took her own life using drugs intended for animal euthanasia, an inquest has ruled.

Ciara Murphy, who lived in Goring, West Sussex, was found in her bed after taking medicine from her own surgery in Worthing.

The senior partner at Northdale Veterinary Practice used equipment from her workplace to administer a lethal dose of the substance, an inquest in Chichester heard.

Assistant Coroner Robert Simpson said: “She died at her home address after taking a very large quantity of veterinary medicine after taking it from her place of work.

“I am satisfied she set the machine up herself at home and it administered the drug that ended her life.

“I’m satisfied she intended to take her own life and the only conclusion I can reach is one of suicide.”

It is believed Dr Murphy went to her surgery out of hours to remove the equipment and drugs.

She was found at home by a friend who went to check on her on September 5, The Argus reported.

Speaking at the inquest, her mother Philomena Murphy, said: “She was a lovely person, quite strong and very ambitious.

“It didn’t matter what she put her mind to, she did her best to achieve it.

“She had lots of friends in her workplace and outside.

“No siblings but she was loved very much.

“Lots of relatives, aunts and cousins.

“She always wanted to be a vet from the time she was very small.

“Always loved animals and wanted to help them.”

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