Mind Matters Initiative passes £1million in Vetlife donations

Mind Matters Initiative passes £1million in Vetlife donations

Donations from the RCVS’s Mind Matters Initiative to veterinary support charity Vetlife have now topped £1million.

Vetlife delivers support to the profession through its core services: Vetlife Helpline, Vetlife Health Support and Vetlife Financial Support and has long received financial support from a number of professional organisations.

The RCVS has been committed to supporting the mental health of the veterinary professions through its donations to Vetlife for over 20 years, and by the establishment of its Mind Matters Initiative in 2014.

Its support includes am annual donation by the MMI to Vetlife Health Support, as well as providing a contribution to the annual training of Vetlife Helpline volunteers, and paying for the call-answering service for the Vetlife Helpline.

This year, the £100,000 donation, gratefully received by the Vetlife Board of Trustees, has brought the total value of the donations received since 2014 to over £1.2 million.

Vetlife President Graham Dick said: “Demand for all Vetlife services has been increasing year on year, with applications for Vetlife Financial Support showing a significant increase of 85% since 2019.

“The current cost-of-living crisis, ongoing veterinary staffing issues and the much-welcomed expansion of Vetlife operations to embrace registered veterinary nurses, will mean that our support services are needed more than ever both now and for the foreseeable future. The generous contributions Vetlife receives from donors such as the RCVS, via its Mind Matters Initiative, enables us to continue to be there for all in the veterinary community.”

Lizzie Lockett, CEO of the RCVS, said: “The Mind Matters Initiative focuses on prevention, protection and support when it comes to mental health issues within the professions, and Vetlife contributes so much by supporting the professions’ mental health and wellbeing, through its dedicated staff and volunteers. We have been very pleased to financially support this work over the last twenty years, and hope to continue to do so into the future.”

Vetlife Helpline is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year on: 0303 040 2551 or via anonymous email.