New categories added to RCVS Knowledge awards

New categories added to RCVS Knowledge awards

RCVS Knowledge has added two new categories for its annual awards, which are now open for applications.

The awards, which which celebrate initiatives that advance the quality of veterinary care and demonstrate a commitment to using an evidence-based approach, will be open for applications until 13th January 2023.

The two new award categories are Antimicrobial Stewardship and Canine Cruciate Outcomes.

The Canine Cruciate Outcome Awards are to recognise and celebrate individuals and teams who are using Quality Improvement initiatives alongside RCVS Knowledge’s Canine Cruciate Registry (CCR) to monitor and improve their canine cruciate surgery outcomes.

Applications are invited by surgeons and teams who are using the CCR.

The Antimicrobial Stewardship Awards, which are divided into farm animal, equine, and companion animal categories, aim to showcase practical examples where individuals and teams are improving responsible antimicrobial prescribing.

In addition, the charity is looking for entries for its existing awards for students and those who have implemented Quality Improvement (QI) techniques.

The Veterinary Evidence Student Awards enables students from around the world to enhance their academic and research skills by writing a Knowledge Summary and submitting it for publication to Veterinary Evidence, RCVS Knowledge’s open access, peer-reviewed journal.

The Quality Improvement Awards showcase the implementation of Quality Improvement techniques which drive improvement within the professions.

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