Newry practice showcases new recovery suits

Newry practice showcases new recovery suits

Newry Veterinary Centre has shared images of one its newest patients wearing a recovery suit , which aids post-operative recovery, and urged clients to consider if it might be the right option for their furry friends.

Writing on their Facebook page they said: “This is Daisy a 10 year old Shorkie modelling our new recovery suits.

“These suits are designed to replace the ‘plastic cone’ in which your animal will go home with after their operations. These are available in a range of different sizes, colours to suit both cats and dogs of any breed.

“These suits work to keep the wound protected from the external environment & reduces the risk of infection. They are tolerated by more pets than a traditional buster-collar, which ensures the wound stays protected & reduces the risk of post-operative complications.

“It also allows pets to recover in comfort, without restricting mobility or access to their food or water bowl.

“If you would like to have this as an option for your pet post operation; please let us know when you arrive into the clinic ”

Other advantages of recovery suits include reducing stress, fear and uncertainty after an operation when compared to an Elizabethan collar.

Suits will also stop dogs or cats touching the wound easily, while a light coloured lining helps with observing any discharge of fluids from a post-operative wound.