NIVA lifts lockdown spirits with virtual village fete

NIVA lifts lockdown spirits with virtual village fete
NIVA President, Susan Cunningham, declares the virtual village fete open with help from Holly the Donkey.

The Grand NIVA Virtual Village Fete took place recently and the organisation’s president, Susan Cunningham, set the game-for-a-laugh tone right from the outset.

It’s worth remembering that this event was conceived in the depths of Covid-19 lockdown when spirits were low and opportunities for fun were few and far between.  NIVA, true to its stated aim of being here to support all of the veterinary family, hosted the fete to provide opportunities for light-hearted collaborative fun, so in time-honoured style, it was opened with a ribbon-cutting by a posh bird in a flowery frock and summer hat.

With classes grouped into Bake, Rake and Make (cookery, gardening and creativity) Natural Beauty; 2020 Throw-lympics and It Shouldn’t Happen to a Vet (strange calls, foreign bodies and lockdown requests) there was something for everyone.

There were masses of entries for many classes in the first group and a good turn-out for all of the others except Class 6 – worst lockdown hair or dazzling DIY haircut – maybe clipping dogs for surgery equips vets with hairdressing skills?

The celebrity judges excelled themselves, adding thoughtful adjudication and humour in equal measure.  The video adjudications, in particular, deserve a wide audience:

Chef, Paul Rankin – Class 4 – Covid Cake

Dr. David Williams – Classes 9a and 9b – It Shouldn’t Happen to a Vet

Luke Gamble of WVS – Classes 5 & 7 – Recreate a famous artwork and Pet most like its owner

Johnny Cunningham deserves special mention for an 8m throw of a 10ml syringe containing 5ml of water into a wellington boot – epic!

NIVA has expressed its thanks all of the judges – the three listed above were helped by renowned Irish artis,t Trevor Brown and Claire Woods, the head gardener at Hillsborough Castle.

Congratulations to all our entrants.