Pet Eye Health Awareness Week returns

Pet Eye Health Awareness Week returns

This September sees the return of TVM’s annual Pet Eye Health Awareness Week .

Running from September 22 to 28, the focus this year will be brachycephalic pets which are particularly prone to eye problems.

To assist veterinary practices, TVM is providing waiting room displays, informative web pages and social media packs to help educate pet owners on the symptoms of poor eye health.

In addition, client leaflets and a dedicated webpage on “brachycephalic ocular syndrome” are available to highlight the specific issues these breeds face. An educational webinar on the subject will also be made available for vets and nurses during the week.

TVM wants to encourage veterinary practices to engage with new or existing owners of brachycephalic pets using the free tools provided, to help them understand the common eye problems these breeds face and what can be done about them.

Will Peel, Product Manager at TVM explains: “Eye problems in pets are common and brachycephalic breeds are particularly prone to them due to a number of compounding factors.

“They commonly suffer from corneal ulcers and are nearly four times more likely to develop dry eye than other breeds, so Pet Eye Health Awareness Week is focused on helping pet owners understand the issues, identify eye problems early and seek veterinary advice quickly.”