RCVS Academy helping veterinary nurses return to practice

RCVS Academy helping veterinary nurses return to practice

The RCVS Academy has launched ‘Nurse Return,’ a new course which offers support and guidance to veterinary nurses returning to clinical practice after a break.

The course is suitable for veterinary nurses returning to the Register after a period of more than five years, of whom it is a statutory requirement to complete a Period of Supervised Practice (PSP). It is also suitable for nurses who left the Register for a period of less than five years or those who have either not left the Register at all but have been pursuing roles outside of clinical practice, or perhaps never joined the Register after obtaining the fitness-to-practise qualification.

The RCVS recognises that veterinary nurses returning to practice after a break may benefit from an opportunity to refresh and update their clinical knowledge and skills. Whilst some nurses may be very experienced, returning to a busy clinical environment after a break can be daunting.

Designed with the RCVS VN Futures Project Lead, Jill Macdonald said ‘Nurse Return’ is a flexible course that can be adapted to veterinary nurses’ roles and be accessed at any time, allowing completion of modules at the learner’s convenience.

She added: “I’m delighted that we are able to offer this course to nurses returning to practice, whether they need to complete their Period of Supervised Practice, or just want a little extra guidance when returning to clinical work.

“Veterinary nurses are valuable and vital members of the practice team, and we want to encourage and support as many veterinary nurses as we can to return to the profession, and to help them to do this with confidence. The course covers key topics to bring nurses up to date with many of the professional aspects of working as a RVN, and we have also included many additional topics which will assist nurses in the journey, such as practice culture, communication, reflective practice and lifelong learning. It’s wonderful to see how many nurses do return to clinical work, and we look forward to welcoming you.”

The course takes around five hours to complete and, as with all RCVS Academy courses, is free to access via the RCVS Academy using your My Account login details, where other courses in areas such as RVN Starting Out, Working in the UK for veterinary nurses and CPD reflection are also available.