RCVS hears details of confidential info leak

RCVS hears details of confidential info leak

The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) has confirmed that it has carried out an investigation into leaks of confidential information contained in Council papers.

The leaks came to light earlier this year when the BVA’s official publication, Vet Record, published details.

The investigation was launched after the person or people responsible for the leak failed to respond to an invitation from the College to come forward.

The investigators’ report, which was tabled at the RCVS Council meeting on September 3, concluded that there had been several deliberate leaks of information by a current or former member of council over an extended period. The identity of the person responsible, however, is not known.

In light of the incident, the Council has now agreed to review existing training requirements and mechanisms for handling confidential information. It will also explore in more detail the potential motivation of the person or people who leaked the information and how the culture of the Council might have influenced their behaviour.

Speaking after the Council gathering, RCVS President, Mandisa Greene said that there was no denying it was a sad day for the College and the Council in particular.

‘That someone chose to breach the trust placed in them by their peers is extremely disappointing, especially when they were given every opportunity to come forward to discuss their concerns and avoid the College having to launch a formal investigation,’ she added.

‘Our default position during Council meetings is to hold as many discussions as possible in public session to ensure Council’s decisions are as open and transparent as possible, something that we will continue to increase as much as possible.

‘Like any organisation, however, there may be a small number of issues that need to be discussed in closed session, for example, those still at concept stage prior to any decision being made public or put out for consultation or those containing personal or commercially sensitive data.’