Search for Young Vet of the Year underway

Search for Young Vet of the Year underway

Award will recognise 'exceptional dedication' during pandemic

Nominations to find the Young Vet of the Year have now opened

The BVA, alongside Zoetis, is again running the competition to highlight the great work being done by some of those vets who are new to practice.

BVA president James Russell said: “This has been an extremely challenging year for all vets, but for those at the beginning of their careers it must have been very hard.

“We have all heard tales of where the profession has stepped up and met the challenges the pandemic has thrown up.

“Now is the time to recognise those early years vets who have shown exceptional dedication and have inspired others with their hard work.

BVA president James Russell

“The award is now seen as a tremendous accolade as the past two winners, Emily Craven and Fabian Rivers, have shown.

“Now it is time to find this year’s exceptional young vet.”

Jamie Brannan, senior vice-president of Zoetis, added: “Seeing the impact of this award over the past two years and celebrating the difference talented young veterinary professionals are making in their field was a personal highlight for me and the wider Zoetis team.

“Last year our nominations showed fantastic efforts of young vets in areas of diversity, equality and inclusion, mental health and one health – all so relevant to today’s challenges.

“I am looking forward to taking the time this year to continue to help build a habit of recognition – especially now, as young professionals need support to continue to do the right thing during changing times.”

The BVA and Zoetis will jointly announce the winner in November at the London Vet Show BVA Gala Dinner, with the winner picking up a prize of £1,000.

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