Vet nurse lands dream job after passing GCSE at 19th attempt

Vet nurse lands dream job after passing GCSE at 19th attempt

A veterinary nurse has landed her dream job after passing her GCSE maths at the 19th attempt.

Hannah Cardey was working as a receptionist at Blue Cross Animal Hospital in Grimsby but needed the qualification to get the job she really wanted.

However, her dyscalculia, a learning disability which makes it difficult to understand numbers and arithmetic, made getting the grade she needed harder than she could have imagined.

She explained: “I was gutted every time I failed but my passion for animals drove me on. I really enjoyed my studies and training at the animal hospital and I’m so delighted that my lifelong ambition has finally come true.

“My mum tells me I was just three years old when I first spoke about becoming a vet nurse and it has never changed. I just kept resitting the exam. I had a sad life for a while to keep trying.”

‘Stressful atmosphere’

And it was the 26-year-old’s colleague Kate Moore who finally helped her get over the hurdle her by recreating exam conditions in her home for Hannah to practice doing in a controlled situation.

She spent three evenings each week preparing for the exam and attended Franklin College on her days off.

Hannah added: “It turned out my nerves were getting the better of me, but Kate really helped me to relax and take the exam with her to get over the stressful atmosphere in the exam hall.”

Hannah and her colleagues appeared on ITV show Inside Animal A&E, which is now available on ITV Hub.

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