Vet nurses and students urged to have say in UK-wide survey

Vet nurses and students urged to have say in UK-wide survey

VetX International has urged veterinary nurses and students to take part in a new study into career happiness, stress and mental wellbeing amongst the veterinary workforce.

The Veterinary Employment, Engagement and Retention Survey (VEER) aims to achieve positive change in veterinary medicine by looking into the experiences of veterinary professionals.

The findings will be published and presented to industry stakeholders from education to employment and beyond so they can make better decisions for the wellbeing of those that work in veterinary medicine.

Dr Dermot McInerney, above, of VetX Head of Research and Partnerships, said: “We will use the data collected to understand the factors influencing career happiness and how they impact on talent attraction and retention.

“We want to share this information with as many people as possible so we can work together to create a better, more sustainable situation for both employers and employees in veterinary practice.”

The study findings will be published later this years and made available to all industry stakeholders.

All participants will receive a special report of the results with customised career advice, and be entered into a weekly draw to win a prize.

To take part in the survey, visit: