Vet says sunglasses may benefit active dogs

Vet says sunglasses may benefit active dogs

Active dogs that enjoy an outdoor life with their owners could benefit from wearing sunglasses, a veterinary specialist has said.

Eastcott Veterinary Hospital in Swindon, Wiltshire, advised that visors or goggles could help protect “very active dogs” or those with certain conditions after Miluse Vojtiskova’s 14-year-old poodle Celine developed iris atrophy, meaning she cannot filter brightness.

Mulise said Celine’s new goggles had given her pet back “a normal quality of life”.

She told the BBC: “She can walk outside now and she can do anything she did before.”

The problem first came to light when her poodle jumped in front of a car.

Mulise explained: “She began to become jumpy in the sunshine.”

Specialists at Eastcott Veterinary Hospital told her Celine’s iris had become weaker with age, with the muscle not strong enough to pull the pupil tight.

Ida Gilbert, head of Ophthalmology at Eastcott Referrals explained: “When it’s very bright she struggles and it hurts her.”

Now thanks to a new pair of shades the beloved poodle is again loving life.

“Essentially, cutting out UV light and the brightness has made her able to then resume her normal life,” said Mulise.

The vet said eye protection was “absolutely appropriate in many different settings” for animals.

“Some dogs out there could benefit from being on them. It could even reduce the amount of medication they would require,” she added.

Ms Gilbert said “active dogs”, such as those that join owners in stand up paddle-boarding or cycling or running on the beach, should also be considered for eye protection.