Day-long vet webinar raises £33,000 for Ukraine charities

Day-long vet webinar raises £33,000 for Ukraine charities

A day-long veterinary conference has raised more than £33,000 for charities in war-torn Ukraine.

The Federation of European Companion Animal Veterinary Associations (FECAVA) brought 21 experts together for The Webinar Vet on April 9, with 19 sessions presented live and 2 pre-recorded.

Delegates were invited to donate towards the Disasters Emergency Committee appeal for Ukraine or Four Paws.

A total of 3,900 vets across the world registered, with 1,016 accessing sessions and a maximum of 541 viewing at once.

UK vets made up the majority of live attendees, but 80 countries were represented, including 29 who viewed from Ukraine.

Sarah Caney, Holger Volk, Ross Allan, Ariane Neuber, Ana Nemec and Matt Gurney were among the speakers, while Wolfgang Dohne, Cat Henstridge, Pete Wedderburn, Julian Hoad and Mike Brampton moderated.

Dr Dohne said: “In the end, more than £33,000 in donations was raised, and this figure is still rising as the recorded event remains available for all 3,900 registered participants until 27 April.”