Earlswood Veterinary donates £1,000 to Rosie’s Trust

Earlswood Veterinary donates £1,000 to Rosie’s Trust

The teams at Earlswood Veterinary in Belfast and Hollygate Veterinary Clinic in Carryduff  have thrown their support behind the Rosie’s Trust charity after applying for a community grant from the parent company IVC Evidensia.

The team saw at first hand the great work that Rosie’s Trust does in Northern Ireland in supporting pet owners going through a difficult time, ensuring that the special relationship between people and their pets is preserved and protected, and were keen to do what they could to help.

Rachel Dunlop, Clinical Director with Earlswood Veterinary added: “Our team here, by the very nature of caring for animals, already play a really valuable and positive role in the community. But we are delighted that £1,000 is being made available to support the great work that Rosie’s Trust does.

“The donation will contribute to support the existing network of volunteers dedicating their time to care for the pets whilst their owners are going through a difficult time, preserving the owner-pet bond. Rosie’s Trust work is very important to our team here at Earlswood Veterinary and at Hollygate Veterinary Clinic”.

Jayne McStay, Operations Manager from Rosie’s Trust added: “We are so grateful to the teams at Earlswood Veterinary and Hollygate Veterinary Clinic for selecting us for their community grant. The donation will make a big difference in helping us support our existing network of volunteers who care for our beneficiaries’ pets when they are no longer able do so. It will also help us develop our network of volunteers throughout Northern Ireland so we can increase our service reach.”

Rosie’s Trust is a Northern Ireland charity formed in January 2015 to support cancer patients, the terminally ill and older people with a disability, helping them hold on to their companion pets at a time when they need them most. Rosie’s Trust helps and supports in all aspects of pet care so the owner and the pet can stay together.

Earlswood Veterinary is part of one of the world’s leading veterinary care providers, IVC Evidensia, which launched its Community Grants Fund in early 2022. The grants are aimed at helping local veterinary practices to be able to play an active role in the local communities in which they operate.

IVC Evidensia is committed to supporting employee-nominated charities across its global group. It is pledging up to £300,000 every year in the form of £1,000 grants which its veterinary practices can donate to local causes. The company has committed to donating 300 community grants in 2022 and aims to make 1000 grants by 2025. Team members working in any IVC Evidensia practice across its global network can put forward any local charity to win a community grant. As a team the veterinary practice can submit a short application form and 75 successful applicants are drawn from this pool each quarter.

The IVC Evidensia Community Grants form part of the group’s Positive Pawprint Strategy.

For more information, please visit https://ivcevidensia.com/how-we-work/sustainability/