Leading vet urges Tesco to ditch French bulldog cake

Leading vet urges Tesco to ditch French bulldog cake

Store urged not to promote flat-faced breeds

A leading vet has urged Tesco to ditch a French Bulldog Celebration Cake in favour of a dog likely to have less health problems.

Daniella Dos Santos, senior vice president the British Veterinary Association said: “Some might argue that Frankie is more frosting than Frenchie, but we believe that brands and retailers have a responsibility not to popularise flat-faced breeds within their merchandise and advertising, especially products which will be popular with children.

“Sadly, breeds such as French bulldogs, pugs and bulldogs, can often suffer from life-limiting health issues, including breathing difficulties and eye and skin conditions, and vets are increasingly concerned that many owners are taking on these dogs without knowing about or considering these problems.”

The £11 French Bulldog Celebration Cake is part of a new bakery range at Tesco and depicts a puppy made from Madeira sponge with buttercream, raspberry jam, icing and edible decorations.

Daniella Dos Santos highlighted the health problems of flat-faced dogs

The BVA, which represents 18,000 vets, and animal welfare charities, has long been urging companies and organisations not to use flat-faced dog breeds as part of its Breed to Breathe campaign.

And Canine health campaigner, Jemima Harrison, founder of Cruffa, also wrote to Tesco over the use of a French bulldog likeness.

“It may seem like it’s arguing over a cake, and you could say this dog looks like a cat,” she said. “But many French bulldogs are suffering.”

Ina statement, Tesco said said: “Our Frankie the French bulldog cake is one of a number of animal inspired cakes in our range and has proven popular. However, we always welcome feedback.”

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