New BEVA President vows vet welfare will be priority

New BEVA President vows vet welfare will be priority

The new president of the British Equine Veterinary Association has vowed to champion the cause of vets to make sure they are healthy and happy while doing their job.

Huw Griffiths, a clinical director at Liphook Equine Hospital, has taken over the reins from Lucy Grieve following the end of BEVA Congress 2021.

The ambulatory vet, who graduated from the University of Liverpool in 2000, said: “BEVA is in a privileged, central position to interact with the entire industry to help achieve our fundamental objective – to look after and improve the welfare of the equines under our care.  My mission is to support the wellbeing and mental health of our fantastic equine veterinary professionals, to help them do what they need to do; this way we can look after the welfare of horses even more effectively.

“My main focus will be the vets who are at the very centre of the industry, the ambulatory vets who are, day-to-day, going out to visit owners and their horses and building and maintaining relationships and trust between clients and their equine practice. If you have a healthier, happier vet, the level of care for the horse will be increased.”

‘A new path’

After graduating Huw spent some time at Auburn University in Alabama and also worked at the Kedrah Stud in Tipperary, where he was primarily involved with sports horse breeding.

He also spent time at Colorado State University, learning embryo transfer techniques, and on his return to the UK he worked in ambulatory equine practice in Surrey before joining Liphook in 2004.

He added: “Being a vet is a great profession and an amazing way of life, and during my presidency I am keen to promote this. The well-being of vets is also very important to me, and I want to support those who are going through a chapter where they are finding it a less rewarding job and help them find a new path within our profession rather than outside it.”

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