Pet dog’s sock secret exposed by vet visit

Pet dog’s sock secret exposed by vet visit

A Lisburn veterinary practice discovered the secret behind one pet owner’s collection of odd socks when they brought their beloved dog in to be checked over.

Vets4Pets shared the story of Beau on their Facebook page who was brought in to be examined after being spotted snacking down on a sock.

After arriving at the surgery, vets made Beau sick in order to bring up the sock in case it caused any internal damage and it was then that the guilty looking pup’s secret was exposed.

In total, Beau had eaten a total of nine socks – thankfully with no serious ill effects.

Writing on Facebook, Vets4Pets Lisburn said: “Beau’s owners got in touch when they saw him eat a sock.

‘Not one but nine!’

“We advised to bring him in so we could make him sick as there was a danger the sock could become lodged in his intestine.

“Much to everyone’s surprise, he not only brought up one sock, not two but nine!!

“Here he is looking very sorry for himself. Lets hope he has learned to stay clear of socks from now on!”

Beau, who looked suitably guilty in a photo next to unusual snacks is now back to his old self thanks to the team at Vets4Pets and the swift action of his owner.

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