Poster a timely reminder of common pet dangers

Poster a timely reminder of common pet dangers

Veterinary practices are being helped prepare their clients for Easter with materials to make pet owners aware of the common dangers during spring and provide them with help and advice to protect their pets.

An eye-catching poster for practices by animal health company TVM UK provides information on common dangers such as:

  • Lilies, which can cause kidney failure in cats
  • Chocolate and sweet treats containing Xylitol, which are in abundance at Easter time
  • Raisins, currents and sultanas found in hot cross buns which can cause kidney failure in dogs
  • Garden dangers such as fertilizers and weedkillers, mouldy food used in composting, slug pellets and plant bulbs
  • Adders, which, as the weather gets warmer, wake up from hibernation and can bite inquisitive pets

As well as focusing on common dangers, the posters also reinforce the importance of S.P.E.E.D when dealing with poisoned pets:

  • Stop the pet eating any more suspected poison
  • Phone the vets
  • Emergency appointment
  • Evidence – bring labels/samples/vomit
  • Don’t delay!

Will Peel, Product Manager at TVM UK explained: “While most pet owners are mindful of the danger that certain foods and plants can pose, when you’re enjoying the spring sunshine and the long Easter weekend, it can be easy to overlook potential pet hazards.

“It’s vital to reinforce the dangers that can come with the warmer weather to help protect pets from poisoning which can cause serious illness or worse.”

To get your free waterproof poster, please contact your local TVM territory manager or email