Vet nurse’s ‘cat litter’ cake causes a stink

Vet nurse’s ‘cat litter’ cake causes a stink

A veterinary nurse managed to pose a problem for her colleagues on her last day after cooking a cake that looked just like a used cat litter tray.

While most of them eventually tried Crissy Lister’s delicious cake one was too repulsed to take a piece.

The senior vet nurse, who regularly took Maine Coon cross puss Arlo into work at West Mount Vets in Halifax, West Yorkshire, as an emotional support animal,  took inspiration from a similar cake she’d seen years earlier.

The 31-year-old, below, said: “A couple of people were a bit sceptical about eating it.

“I didn’t reveal it, I just left it in a room and walked off and let them discover it on their own. I got the odd glance and people going ‘oh my god that’s amazing’. Others were like ‘please tell me that’s a brand-new litter tray’.

“It was a vanilla sponge with some raspberry jam, a layer of icing and then the crumble topping. Then I did some questionable chocolate icing decorations on the top. It’s a genuine litter tray but it’s obviously a brand-new one.”

“Everyone who tried it really loved it and went back for seconds.”