Veterinary workers urged to sign up for new Kite wellbeing app

Veterinary workers urged to sign up for new Kite wellbeing app

Veterinary professionals have been urged to pre-register for a new mental health and wellbeing app being produced by the RCVS Mind Matters Initiative.

The MMI Kite APP, which is due to launch in September,  incorporates bespoke microlearning modules in bite-size modules, combining a mixture of interactive activities, images and videos, which can be worked through in short chunks of time.

Angharad Belcher, RCVS Director for Advancement of the Professions, said: “Veterinary professionals undertake vital work for animal health and welfare, but the intensity and pressure of their work can take its toll on mental health and wellbeing. Sadly, research shows that compared to the general population, veterinary professionals are more likely to experience mental health distress, including depression and anxiety.

“We recognise how hard it can be for veterinary professionals to fit wellbeing activities into their busy workdays and understand that everyone’s mental health needs are different. By collaborating with The Kite Program, we wanted to create a wellbeing platform that was accessible, flexible and had a range of activities to meet a variety of mental health and wellbeing needs. This app will be another useful tool for the professions, and we are pleased to be able to offer it free of charge.

‘Patience and skills’

“We are really looking forward to hearing feedback from the professions about the platform and creating more modules based on their wants and needs.”

Hannah Hardy-Jones, The Kite Program CEO and Founder, added: “We use a Kite as an effective analogy for talking about wellbeing. At the Kite Program, we believe this is a much easier analogy to explain and normalise wellbeing and mental health, which can often be very clinical and unrelatable. As people, we go between having soaring kites right through to having a kite that is broken and on the ground.  It takes practice, patience and skills to be able to fly your kite in any condition. Our app and programs are designed to help people learn to “fly” confidently. As you move through each Kite module within the app, you build skills in an accessible and practical way.”

Anyone who would like to pre-register for MMI Kite App can do so by visiting and filling in their details. Those attending BEVA Congress 2021 will also be able to visit the RCVS conference stand to see a demo of MMI Kite App and ask questions about the platform.

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