ViVet initiative produces podcast series – how to build an innovative mindset

ViVet initiative produces podcast series – how to build an innovative mindset

The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) initiative ViVet has produced a new series of podcasts which aim to help veterinary professionals develop an innovative and entrepreneurial mindset and apply this in their everyday practise.

Vet Futures

The aim of the ViVet initiative, which is inspired by the Vet Futures project, is to provide guidance and resources to ensure that veterinary professionals are at the centre of innovation within the animal health sector. The six new podcasts will help listeners understand how to use innovation to make decisions, collaborate with others, overcome challenges and develop the skills and self-reflection needed for an innovative mindset.

Six podcasts

The six podcasts are presented by Harvey Wade, Founder and Managing Director of innovation consultancy Innovate21 which aims to help businesses, organisations and sectors embed innovation within their plans and strategies.

The topics covered in each of the podcasts are:

  • Diverse mindsets needed: this episode covers the need to collaborate with others and within a team when innovating so that a diversity of thoughts, ideas, skills and support is available to draw upon.
  • An enabler, not an outcome: the episode covers the need for innovation to be aligned with a clear and overall vision of what it is aiming to achieve.
  • Near and far-sighted: this episode covers how to create innovation success both in the short and long-term and the importance of having targets for improving your business today and creating goals for the future.
  • Navigating the current environment: this episode covers the current factors stopping or hindering innovation within organisations and businesses and how these common barriers can be overcome.
  • Creating supportive cultures: this episode looks at the culture and behaviours that are needed to create and sustain an innovative workplace environment.
  • Stop talking, start doing: this will help identify the actions that need to be taken to establish a successful innovation programme for your organisation or business with measurable progress targets.


Chris Tufnell, RCVS Council member and Innovation Lead, commented: “This really is an excellent series of webinars that has been produced, with direct applicability to what we, as veterinary professionals, are doing in our daily practice and I am very grateful to Harvey Wade for providing his expertise.


“In particular the series uses powerful storytelling to help the veterinary professions understand how to overcome barriers to innovation that may exist in the workplace, gain confidence in our ability to not only survive but also thrive in a changing technological landscape and also foster a company-wide culture of innovation.

“While you can listen to each of these podcasts individually, I would recommend listening to them in order and as a whole series to get the best out of them. And please don’t forget that listening to these podcasts and reflecting on what you have learned and how they will influence your own professional practice can count towards your continuing professional development (CPD).”

The podcasts can be downloaded or stream from the ViVet website on