Whippet cheats death after horrific accident

Whippet cheats death after horrific accident

A young whippet has cheated death  after impaling herself on a 2ft-long branch while out for walk with her owners.

The stick was just millimetres from severing a major artery and came to rest on her sciatic nerve but miraculously Roxy was able to walk to walk again just a day after a team from Vets Now performed surgery.

Senior veterinary nurse Anna Moran said: “Roxy’s owners thought they were going to lose her. In all my time working with animals I’ve never seen anything quite like this. It was a pretty extraordinary case, as the photos show.”

Roxy had been running through a wooded area in Kent when she landed on the branch that reared up and impaled her.

‘Act quickly’

After dragging herself back to her owners they carried her half a mile to their car and drove to the Vets Now emergency clinic in Tunbridge Wells.

Once there she was anaesthetised before the vet and nurse team cut the branch at both sides and prised the rest from the entry and exit wounds.

Roxy was kept in overnight for observation but recovered in double quick time.

“We’re all so pleased that Roxy has made such a good recovery, she was a lovely little character who made a big impression on us all,” said Moran. “Her case shows that even in the bleakest of situations there’s always cause for hope if you act quickly.

“What an incredible escape she’s had! She’s a very lucky and very brave puppy.”

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