WSAVA signs up to Gender Identity Bill of Rights

WSAVA signs up to Gender Identity Bill of Rights

The World Small Animal Veterinary Association has signed up to a Gender Identity Bill of Rights as part of its campaign to address inequalities and inequities faced by the LGBTQ+ veterinary community.

The WSAVA is also calling on its 115 member associations and 200,000 individual members to show their support for diversity and inclusion by signing up to the GIBOR, which has been created by the Pride Veterinary Medical Community (PrideVMC).

Based in the USA, PrideVMC launched the GIBOR last October.  It sets out minimum civil rights expectations for gender diverse individuals, as well as commitments to equal and fair treatment for LGBTQ+ individuals right across veterinary medicine.

WSAVA President, Dr Siraya Chunekamrai said: “Today’s world is an inclusive world and it is high time that we recognized the contribution of every single member of our profession, while supporting them in living as their true selves. I am delighted to sign the GIBOR on behalf of the WSAVA and our global veterinary community”

“All WSAVA members have a role to play in building a culture of diversity, equality and inclusion so I urge our member associations and, indeed, our 200,000 individual members, to follow our lead in supporting equal rights for all members of our profession. By joining together in solidarity, we will ensure that the veterinary profession harnesses the talents of all of its individual members and has a firm foundation on which it can build a successful and sustainable future.”

GIBOR co-author Dr Ewan Wolff  said: “We have one simple goal, and that is for gender diverse people in the veterinary profession to belong as themselves. WSAVA today helps to realize a universal vision of belonging for gender diverse individuals in the profession that has been furthered by support from organizations such as the ARVA, BVNA, BVLGBT+, BVEDS, Boehringer Ingelheim, Zoetis and many others.

“We look forward to a day when more national organizations join hands with WSAVA and commit to this level of support. Until then, we praise this leap forward and welcome further discussion with supporters around the world.”

To sign up to the GIBOR, visit: