Young sheep farmers urged to become ambassadors

Young sheep farmers urged to become ambassadors

Young sheep farmers have only a couple of days left to apply to be one of the National Sheep Association’s Next Generation Ambassadors.

The NSA’s Ambassador programme offers farmers between 18 and 34 the chance take part in a series of technical and personal development sessions to further their experience and understanding of the UK sheep industry.

As well as providing the chance to visit varied sheep farming systems and parts of the sheep farming supply chain, the programme delivers networking opportunities for enthusiastic young shepherds from Northern Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales.

NSA communications officer Katie James, said: “The online application is a simple process. Interested parties will have to share some information about their own shepherding experience and their hopes for their futures in the UK sheep industry.

“As in previous years, we hope to attract a varied group of young sheep farmers; whether you are a first-generation farmer, someone who hopes to one take on their family farm or a contract shepherd or shepherdess just starting out in your career, we really are excited to see what you can offer as an NSA Next Generation ambassador, and we are proud of the opportunity that we can provide you and other keen young sheep farmers.”

Speaking about his experience, South Wales sheep farmer Jacob Anthony said: “In 2016 I was fortunate enough to be selected to be part of the NSA Next Generation programme. I found my time on the programme absolutely invaluable.

“I learnt an awful lot that I was able to implement back at home on our family farm in South Wales. Not only did I learn a lot I met l made some lifelong friends and like-minded individuals from the length and breadth of the UK. Another thing I truly valued about my time on the Ambassador project was the fact I learnt what NSA does for us as sheep farmers by engaging with decision-makers and the public on our behalf.”

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