New BEVA Internships a boost for graduates

New BEVA Internships a boost for graduates

BEVA has introduced Recognised Internships as a part of its drive to ensure new graduates get the best start in their careers.

The association says the internships provide a stamp of approval in meeting core standards for vet professionals.

Recognised Internships significantly enhance its existing programme which just listed available internships in equine practice.

Over the past year BEVA has worked with veterinary practices across the UK to develop a set of core skills that should be covered during an internship.

These standards sit alongside BEVA’s existing Employment Toolkit which outlines what a new graduate should be considering when applying for a job (such as working hours, pay, CPD allowance).

Roger Smith, BEVA Junior Vice President said: “The new programme gives practices constructive guidance to provide a positive and inspirational introduction to a career as an equine vet, rather than the perhaps rushed and unintentionally unstructured, labour focused junior positions that have been experienced in times past.”

BEVA Chief Executive David Mountford said: “We are delighted that nearly 40 equine veterinary practices have already signed up to our Recognised Internships initiative.

“It is such a positive sign that as a profession we are all committed to ensuring we can offer the best start to those entering the profession.”

Practices interested in joining the scheme should contact Fiona Cunnington –