New website highlights VNs vital role

New website highlights VNs vital role

The valuable work of the veterinary nursing profession is showcased in a new website dedicated to the ongoing VN Futures project.

VN Futures was launched as a joint Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) and British Veterinary Nursing Association (BVNA) project in 2016. It is associated with the Vet Futures project and has a focus on identifying and finding solutions to some of the specific issues facing veterinary nurses. 

The VN Futures Report and Action Plan, published in July 2016, identified five key streams of activity: Creating a sustainable workforce; Structured and rewarding career paths; Confident, resilient, healthy and well-supported workforce; Proactive role in One Health and, Maximising Nurses’ Potential.

The new website ( is designed to highlight how the project is continuing to work to meet these aims. It includes information on activities such as the development of the Certificate in Advanced Veterinary Nursing qualification, the School Ambassadors Project (currently in abeyance due to COVID-19) and several case studies that demonstrate the wide variety of careers open to veterinary nurses. 

Racheal Marshall, chair of the VN Futures Board, said that it was ‘fantastic’ to see the major projects connected with the VN Futures programme all in one place on the website:

‘While much of the work of the project has been going on behind the scenes, there have been some distinct achievements for us to celebrate, not least the Certificate in Advanced Veterinary Nursing, which paves the way for Advanced Veterinary Nurse status, and the work that’s been undertaken to clarify Schedule 3 and help veterinary professionals navigate how it works in practice,’ she added.

Jo Hinde, president of the BVNA, added that she was delighted to see the breadth and diversity of the options open to VNs being highlighted: ‘I hope that those who visit the website can draw their own inspiration from the case studies in terms of their career paths and how they might want to develop and enhance their role as a veterinary nurse.

The website can be found at To get involved in the VN Futures project or to contribute to the website contact Jill Macdonald, VN Futures project manager, on