An all-round approach to nutrition

An all-round approach to nutrition

As recognised by leading organisations such as the British Small Animal Veterinary Association (BSAVA) and the World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA), optimum nutrition can Influence kitten and puppy growth; support pets’ with diet-associated diseases; help to enhance the quality of pets’ lives and assist in the management of pets’ health.

Nutritional assessment has been acknowledged as the fifth vital sign in the standard physical examination for all small animals as recommended by WSAVA nutritional assessment guidelines.

Make nutrition a key part of your clinic.



The health nutrition category is driving pet food market growth, however, more than 70 per cent of vet visits are not followed with a nutritional recommendation(1).

Pet owners rely heavily on vet guidance for pet product purchases, including nutritional advice(2), and research shows that they believe it can help their pets have a healthier life(3). Your expertise and recommendation of diets, supported by scientific evidence and clinical trials, will help to provide optimum nutritional management for your patients which in turn, will lead to stronger relationships with your clients and successful growth for your business.


Nutrition 360° offers a practical programme, tailored to your clinic, which incorporates a whole team approach to simplify nutritional recommendations and grow your business.

To support your care and expertise, Royal Canin wants to work with you to make a better world for pets by ensuring that every cat and dog receives a nutritional recommendation tailored to their needs.

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Don’t struggle alone, let’s make nutritional recommendations easier together. Contact your local Royal Canin Veterinary Business Manager today to access support for you and your clinic.


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