Hill’s Pet Nutrition debuts Enhanced Prescription Diet Portfolio

Hill’s Pet Nutrition debuts Enhanced Prescription Diet Portfolio

Hill’s Pet Nutrition has announced their upcoming Prescription Diet portfolio update. Debuting in 2022, the improved portfolio will better help veterinarians and pet owners make the right nutritional decisions for their pets through redesigned packaging, a simplified sizing portfolio, new varieties to choose from and improved digital tools for veterinarians.

Hill’s knows that veterinarians are struggling with growing emotional intensity from pet owners and often don’t feel their nutritional recommendations are being heard. However, pet owners feel overwhelmed and alone in the process of choosing food for their pets and one study showed that 9 out of 10 pet owners said they welcome a nutritional recommendation from their veterinarian.1

Hill’s mission is to strengthen and lengthen the bond between people and their pets, and veterinarians are critical to achieve that mission.  However, Hills recognised the profession is more strained than ever before, so we need to take action to make nutritional recommendations easier for everyone.

The redesigned packaging will help veterinarians and pet owners more easily identify the right food for their pets. With more prominent colour codes and specific pet photos for each food, buyers will be able to better differentiate between products. New language on the back of each package clearly defines the product’s purpose and communicates its complex science in a consumer friendly way. A QR code will also lead buyers to an informational product page on the Hill’s website, which includes videos and feeding guides.

Hill’s is also introducing two new specialised foods for mini dogs, new flavour varieties and a simplified sizing structure.

New digital tools for veterinarians include a Quick Reco tool to help veterinarians quickly generate a nutritional recommendation for clients, along with coupons. The Hill’s Loyalty Scheme also rewards pet owners for every in-clinic purchase and increases the likelihood of future in-clinic purchases.  Last but not least, Hills 100% Satisfaction Guarantee policy led to a worry-free trial for new pet parents, supporting food transactions.

For more information on the changes to Prescription Diet, pet owners can visit HillsPet.co.uk/WhatsNew and veterinarians can visit HillsVet.co.uk/BetterThanEver.



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